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Embolden Transformational Coaching is not just a coaching center formed out of deriving means of living, but has a story behind it. A story of compassion and self-journey!

Embolden Transformational Coaching is a way for me to give back to the world, to help others and to transform their lives, I always knew it was my calling, but I landed on it rather through a transformational journey myself which equipped me to become the best coach you can desire in your life.

I graduated from university in 2007, and like most students, I started running after so-called “golden opportunities” without realizing where my true potential lies. Since I was not on the right track, I had to face many hurdles and, of course, had to fight with anxiety, anger, frustration, and low self-esteem on many days.

Then in 2015, I finally decided to let go of these opportunities that I was constantly chasing and took a leap of faith towards teaching. I was working as an independent contractor, teaching English to a number of children and adults, and in that phase of my life, I can say with conviction, I was truly happy. I enjoyed my life as a teacher, waking up, conducting lessons, connecting with students and learning new things every day. It was all working out for me. I finally stopped hating Mondays. One great thing I gained from teaching is healthy inter-personal communication. Numerous working professionals, doctors, psychologists, bankers, programmers, by whom I was once intimidated were connecting with me and trusting me as their instructor.

As I was overcoming my insecurities and gaining confidence, I started to notice a lack of self-esteem and confidence in some of my students as well. They could not see the potential in themselves when I could visualize their capabilities. That was the time when I realized that everyone has those little voices in their head that make them fearful of stepping up when they definitely can.

How many times have you done the same thing? Stepped back from experiencing what you really love just out of fear of failure? How many times have you not said what you wanted to say due to fear of rejection? We all have our little demons in head that stop us from experiencing positive things in life.

So what to do about that? This is what Embolden Transformational Coaching is all about! I am the best person to help you deal with those voices effectively because I have been through it myself and successfully overcame it. I learned how to switch off negative thoughts, become more mindful, change my perspective, re-frame my world view, and become the better version of myself. Now is the time you can learn it all through me in the Inner Freedom Program. It is my time to transfer to the world what I have learned in my life. Let go of your fears and transform your life with Embolden Transformational Coaching!

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