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One on One Coaching

Do you have any specific issues or challenges in your life that are limiting you from exploring your full potential? We provide One on One coaching particularly focusing on your life issues and help you to resolve them.

The one on one coaching session is a 3-hour long package which is specially designed for the resolution of your personal life challenges. You will solve your problems, become relaxed and get out with a positive outlook on life and all that with complete confidentiality!

We also provide online coaching according to your comfort and ease.

The Transformation/Inner Freedom Program
The Transformation Coaching Program by Embolden Coaching runs for 16 hours over the course of 8 weeks. During the program, you would answer many important questions about your life, existence, and purpose. You would form a new positive and productive outlook towards the world and your self where no one can stop you from achieving what you always wanted!
What is Included in the Transformation Program?

The special transformation program pays attention to the following aspects of your life

Your Current Values and Belief Systems

We understand that everyone comes from a different perspective and it is very important to understand what they think and believe so we focus on your values and belief systems and transform them for achieving better in life.

Driver Focus Filter

We will discuss how you filter your reality. What is your way of looking at things? Together we would change your perspective to look at the same things with a different lens.

Inner Conflict Therapy

There are numerous conflicts going on inside our mind and sometimes we can’t seem to take control and resolve them. We would transform the way you deal with your conflicts and let you know how to resolve them quickly.

Negative Belief Therapy

It is not something else but our own negative beliefs that are limiting us from achieving what we desire. Learn to let go of them with our transformation coaching program.

Dealing With Anxiety

Feeling restless and anxious is a common symptom when we do not feel in control and things don’t go our way. Dealing with anxiety can be tiring but we would guide you about all you need to know for dealing with anxiety and taking charge of your thoughts.


Self-love is most important but is sometimes difficult to interpret. What do we mean by loving yourself and how do we exactly do that?

Negative Emotional Therapy

Negative emotions in excess can take over your life and slowly fade the positives from the scene. We would focus on recognizing, processing and eventually replacing these negative emotions.

Have you ever set goals in life? Effective goals are in congruence with reality, appropriate and achievable in a certain time. We would tell you how to set effective goals and achieve them successfully in your life.
Our Workshops

Embolden Transformational Coaching conducts two highly effective workshops for our clients on the following

Goal Setting

We give you thorough information and hands-on training on how to set effective goals in life through real examples and interactive discussions.


Put yourself first and embark on a journey of self-love with our special workshop.

What Can We Help You With?

We can help you if you are struggling with any of these

  • Self Esteem
  • Doubts
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Negative emotions
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Phobias
  • Traumas
  • Anger
  • Goal Setting

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